S-Tek Greenline: Commercial & Residential Green Energy Solutions
Our certified Energy Solution Specialists can provide products and services to meet a variety of your commercial and residential green energy needs. From LED lights to solar panels, S-Tek Greenline knows how to help you reduce your carbon footprint. Renewable resources (such as solar, hydro and wind) are easily accessible energy sources that when tapped into properly can provide clean energy solutions guaranteed to lower power consumption! S-Tek Greenline can help reduce your dependence on fossil fuels, cutting harmful emissions of carbon dioxide that lead to greenhouse gasses that cause global warming.


Residential & Commercial
Energy audits — an on-site visit from a certified Energy Solution Specialist, who measures your individual energy consumption through a varitey of testing, i.e. blower door and HVAC vent test. This information equips the specialist to provide a customized plan for your individual green energy initiative; such as solar panel systems, LED lighting, green energy barrier, and more. A variety of our Greenline products are online for purchase, [view]. New items added periodically.

Golf Carts & Courses
Convert your golf carts to solar powered vessels equipped with the most innovative lithium batteries. Solar panel kits and LED lights for golf cart barns available too. Discuss the options with one of our S-Tek Greenline specialist today, 864-888-1620.

Tax Incentives
Check with your local accountant for the most current information regarding tax credits, be sure to ask about both Federal and State incentives.

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Interested in reducing your carbon footprint?
Contact our S-Tek GreenLine Specialist, Jason Smith at 864-888-1620, by email at, or click here to use our contact form.

S-Tek ABP is an Aluminum building product fabricator and green energy solution provider. S-Tek provides NatureScape sunrooms through our dealership program and structural aluminum for a variety of building applications. Solar energy solutions, LED kits, Lithonia Troffers, Microhydro Power Projects, residential and commercial energy audits are available through S-Tek Greenline
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