Pallets of Solar Power


Pallets of Solar Power have made their way to S-Tek Building Solutions!

Our green energy solutions division, S-Tek Greenline is proud to work with SolarWorld USA to provide quality solar panels that are sure to give you the best return on your investment. Our in-house solar specialists will provide you with a custom quote that outlines the best way to harness the power of the sun and cut your energy consumption. Give us a call today at 864-888-1620 to learn how you can start saving money and electricity with an S-Tek solar powered system.  Go to project gallery…

Selton Solar

Panels are up on the rooftop ready to start making POWER! This 5.04 KW system consists of 18 SolarWorld 280 Watt panels, 18 Enphase M250 Microinverters, an Aluminum Racking System, 1 Envoy Communications Gateway and other key components.

Promotions subject to change. Ask your sales rep for current promotions.

Do you have questions about solar or other ways to save on your electric bill? Give us a call today to speak with a solar specialist at 864-888-1620 or visit our showroom at 10239 Clemson Blvd Suite 140 Seneca, SC 29678 

Hire a Licensed Contractor/Builder


S-Tek Building Solutions has been a staple in the Upstate of SC for over 20 years. Our experienced professionals make it their priority to complete every project with a satisfaction that goes above and beyond our client’s initial expectations.  We sell and install the finest products and stand firmly behind our superior craftsmanship!

STEK Measuring-Tape

So what exactly makes an S-Tek installation better than the rest? Here it is in a nutshell:

  1. First and foremost, we are licensed, bonded and insured. Don’t be fooled by a bid that seems “lower” from an unlicensed contractor/builder – these comparisons are not apples to apples, nor are they legal. In most cases, a license is required to do any type of skilled labor on another person’s home or property. Ultimately, it may cost you more in out-of-pocket expenses to go with the lowest bid. Writer Timothy Smith states in his article Liability in the Bargain? – The Dangers of Hiring an Unlicensed Contractor that, “It is not surprising that an unlicensed contractor would be less expensive than a licensed contractor. Unlicensed contractors have advantages that enable them to provide the lowest prices. They do not have to pay licensing fees, they do not have to obtain a bond to protect their work, and more often than not they do not purchase liability or workers compensation insurance. Without these added expenses the unlicensed contractor can provide their services at a rate lower than the legitimately licensed professional.” (Berding | Weil). Do your research and if in doubt, ask to see your contractors license. Anyone can say (or print on a business card) that they have one, but ours is front and center for all to see and we’re more than happy to share.
  2. We’ve been an established business in the Upstate for over 20 years – this is our home! We’re in this for the long haul, not here today gone tomorrow and our clients can physically visit our showroom to talk to us face to face. We welcome walk-ins, enjoy answering questions and our friendly staff will do their best to point you in the right direction.
  3. We fully back our installation and products to ensure the overall experience is worth sharing with others…after all, a positive referral is worth more than gold!
  4. Our client list SOLID – over 600 homeowners strong and growing everyday!  With thousands of projects under our tool belt, we have the necessary know-how to efficiently and effectively complete a project from design to inspection with great satisfaction.
  5. The majority of our business is from repeat customers! We’ve earned our clients trust and they’ve grown to expect the highest level of work time and time again!
  6. We complete every project in a timely manner! Our goal is to change the way you view contractors and leave a positive lasting impression of our work and services.
  7. Our staff of skilled craftsman are the best at their trade! They are friendly, courteous, tidy and respectful all while maintaining S-Tek’s professional standards throughout the project – from start to finish.

There’s no question that over the past 20 years there have been tough economic challenges for many business and we were not exempt. However, through the up and down cycles of our economy, S-Tek has maintained business by staying true to our customers and values. We’re committed to our construction, remodeling and sunroom roots but are excited to move into the direction of sustainability through hydro and solar powered systems.

Let us know how we may be of service to you and your growing needs. Contact us at 864-888-1620 or visit our showroom featuring full sized walk-in sunroom models M-F 9-4, after hours and Saturday’s by appointment only. 10239 Clemson Blvd Suite 140 Seneca, SC 29678 

2014 Home, Health & Life Expo

Home Show Update: We enjoyed meeting everyone who came out to the 2014 Home, Health and Life Expo at Shaver Complex on the 16th and are excited about the new projects we’ll be starting! Here are a few camera phone photos from our booth…

S-Tek and other great vendors will be at the 2014 Home, Health and Life Expo Thursday, October 16th from 3:30-6:30

94.1 The Lake, WSNW presents: The 2014 Home, Health and Life Expo

94.1 The Lake, WSNW presents:
The 2014 Home, Health and Life Expo


  • Free Admission
  • Free Coffee from Quality Coffee
  • Cooking Demonstrations and food samples from JoAnn Johnson the Chef for All J’s Catering and Host of the All New Show,
    “Party Flippers”
  • TIME:  3:30 PM – 6:30 PM

Directional Link: 698 W. South 4th Street Seneca, SC 29678 · FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 882-9769. Visit the Facebook event link here.

More information here HHL 2014 PDF


S-Tek Solar Facts…

Generate electricity and lower your energy bills!


40 Fun Facts on Solar Energy from

Fact 1: Solar energy is a completely free source of energy and it is found in abundance. Though the sun is 90 million miles from the earth, it takes less than 10 minutes for light to travel from that much of distance.

Fact 2: Solar energy which comprises of radiant heat and light from the sun can be harnessed with some modern technology like photo-voltaic, solar heating, artificial photosynthesis, solar architecture and solar thermal electricity.

Fact 3: The solar technology can be distinguished into active and passive. Photovoltaic panels and solar thermal collectors which harness solar energy are examples of active solar technology. Passive technology includes constructing rooms to improve air circulation, orienting space to favorably use sunlight. Read all 40 here!

Custom Room Enclosure

Cedar Room Enclosure

We’re happy to share a screened room transformation from dark and dingy to bright and beautiful! We turned client’s existing tattered screen room into a light, airy custom 20’x40’ enclosure. New room features custom cedar flooring and cedar mantle with beautiful rock detail work. Walls are tongue and groove vertical board lap siding and ceiling is cedar plywood with trim.

We also doubled the chimney in size, and extended it to second story. Our crew repaired the damaged portions of the chimney to strengthen the overall structure and replaced the siding. All phases together created a gorgeous transformation the client will enjoy with family for years to come!