10th Annual Home & Remodel Show

Join us at the 10th Annual Home and Remodel Show presented by the Home Builders Association of Oconee County at Shaver Complex in Seneca, SC – Booths 34 &35.

  • Friday, January 24th from 1 pm – 6 pm
  • Saturday, January 25th from 9 am – 6 pm

The Home & Remodel Show features a wide range of new home and remodeling products and services, landscaping and gardening exhibits for homeowners in Oconee County and surrounding areas.

Visit  S-Tek Building Solutions, LLC booths 34 & 35 to learn more about our latest products and REGISTER TO WIN energy saving LED bulbs!

Click the above link to join the EVENT ON FACEBOOK for updates and show reminders. S-Tek offers four divisions including Construction & Renovation, Sunrooms & Enclosures, Storm Damage Roofing, and Green Energy Solutions from S-Tek Greenline. For more information, contact S-Tek at 864-888-1620!

Warmer in the Winter with Green Energy Barrier!

Stay warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer AND lower your energy bills by up to 25% or more with Green Energy Barrier! Throughout the winter, heat will rise and typically escape your home through the attic. With Green Energy Barrier installed in the attic, up to 95% of that radiant heat will be reflected back into your home. This helps prevent heat from escaping, minimizing energy loss and reduces costs that would be spent on heating.

Be Warmer in the Winter and Cooler in the Summer with Green Energy Barrier

Be Warmer in the Winter and Cooler in the Summer with Green Energy Barrier

S-Tek Building Solutions is an authorized Green Energy Barrier Dealer and can help you by conducting an energy audit on your attic to see if Green Energy Barrier will help save you money.

Contact us today at 864-888-1620 for your no obligation energy audit – see the savings, feel the difference!

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More Benefits of Green Energy Barrier:

  1. Save money on your heating and cooling bill
  2. Cool your home in the summer and heat it in the winter
  3. Reduce your heat and A/C run time
  4. Extend the live of your HVAC system
  5. Help contribute to the environment by lowering carbon footprint

Residential Microhydro System Project

Question: What is a residential Microhydro system project?

Answer: A residential micro-hydro system consists of a small turbine in a creek that produces energy that is transferred to the home.

Residential Microhydro System Project

Our S-Tek Building Solutions’ green energy division expert, Jason Smith recently completed Appalachian State University’s Microhydo System Design and Installation Workshop gain further knowledge of the industry. This two day continuing educational activity was held in Boone, NC and was instructed by Don Harris a national microhydro expert. Harris has developed residential hydro systems since 1981 and is responsible for nearly 3,000 successful systems. The Harris system is an efficient, durable battery charging Pelton Wheel designed turbine making it the most popular micro-turbine in the US.

Workshop participants covered the basics of small scale hydro power with a field trip to local microhydro installation. Jason was able to increase his current knowledge about site assessment techniques that will further enhance our current projects. The workshop included:

  • Measurement of head and flow
  • System design
  • Types of turbines and their associated performance and cost
  • System components such as the intake, penstock and balance of system
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Case studies
  • Valuable tips from  industry icon, Don Harris.

S-Tek is pleased to share photos from an active Microhydro project, at Mollie’s Branch located in Boone, NC. Photos taken by Jason Smith. For more information on a residential microhydro project or to speak with Jason, contact our office at 864-888-1620 or email Jason at jason@stekbuildingsolutions.com

S-Tek Project Photo Gallery

Welcome to the S-Tek Building Solutions Project Photo Gallery. Click arrow to start slideshow. Feel free to visit our Sunrooms by S-Tek website for more photos, projects and services.

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