Custom Room Enclosure

Cedar Room Enclosure

We’re happy to share a screened room transformation from dark and dingy to bright and beautiful! We turned client’s existing tattered screen room into a light, airy custom 20’x40’ enclosure. New room features custom cedar flooring and cedar mantle with beautiful rock detail work. Walls are tongue and groove vertical board lap siding and ceiling is cedar plywood with trim.

We also doubled the chimney in size, and extended it to second story. Our crew repaired the damaged portions of the chimney to strengthen the overall structure and replaced the siding. All phases together created a gorgeous transformation the client will enjoy with family for years to come!

Button Pushers Prepare!

STEK Motorized Screens Like to Push Buttons


Introducing our newest product lineup – S-Tek Motorized Screens! Our screens are available in a variety of frame and screen color options that are sure to accentuate the beauty of your home. With a  S-Tek Motorized Screen you can enjoy an enclosed, protected, expanded outdoor living space that’s virtually free from bugs and full of fresh breezes! A S-Tek Motorized Screening System is the perfect solution for enclosing your home or business. Continue reading about our new Motorized Screening System here >>>

Cleaner Energy Future with SOLAR!

The White House looks to a cleaner energy future with solar and you can too! Give S-Tek Greenline a call today 864-888-1620 and we’ll get you on the right track to saving with renewable energy.

Solar panels are a great way to generate electricity and lower your current electric cost. S-Tek will customize an energy efficient system  to accommodate your project needs and guide you through this exciting process. It’s wise to seek the advice of an experienced builder, electrician and/or roofing contractor when planning for solar panels – especially for a roof panel system. S-Tek Building Solutions has experience licensed builders on staff who can custom design the best system for your location be it solar, hydro or wind.  We stand behind our products and services – ensuring our solutions give you the best results for years to come.

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S-Tek Greenline Solar Panels

New Sunroom & Railing Project

We would like to share our latest ongoing sunroom and cable rail project. The renovation project consisted of replacing the entire deck railing above the enclosure with our latest product, S-Tek Rail. The clean lines of the cable railing offer an unobstructed view of the homeowners natural surroundings, making the rail become one with nature! In addition to the railing the we increased the usability of the screened room by updating it to a new three season Eze-Breeze sunroom. Scroll down to see before and after photo of project.

We’re excited to show the completed views from the inside out as well as the stair rail – photos coming soon!

Vertical 4 Track Sunroom Collage by S-Tek

Vertical 4 Track Sunroom Collage by S-Tek

The before and after (seen below) shows the existing screened enclosure with deck above and an outside shot of the finished sunroom.

Vertical 4 Track Sunroom Before & After by S-Tek

Vertical 4 Track Sunroom Before & After by S-Tek – Three Season Sunroom



Before & After Sunrooms by S-Tek

Please take time to view a  few before and after sunroom project photos from S-Tek.

Enlarge view by clicking the circle in lower right of slideshow. S-Tek offers an All Season (Four Season) 3″ Sunroom, a Three Season 2″ Sunroom, and our popular Three Season 2″ EzeBreeze Sunroom.  Contact a representative today to learn what sunroom option would be best for your home at  864-888-1620