Why Go Green with S-Tek Greenline?

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There are so many reason and ways to get going with green energy solutions for your home/business and S-Tek Greenline is here to help you through the process! From the soaring cost of electric bills to the ever increasing depletion of our natural resources there’s never been a better time to go green. Our team of specialists will customize a solar solution that is guaranteed to help reduce power consumption and take you closer to a sustainable lifestyle.

S-Tek Greenline focuses on commercial and residential green energy solutions including: LED lighting (LED Troffers featured on top left), Solar Powered Systems (bottom left feature photo), Green Energy Barrier, Microhydro Electric Projects, Energy Audits, Lithium Batteries and more.

Why Solar Panels On Your Home?

(Click the above link to watch a short video on solar panels)

Thinking about installing solar panels on your home? There are many advantages of using solar energy. For starters, the sun is the original energy source and as old as mother earth herself! S-Tek Greenline can help you determine the best solar system for your home/business so you aren’t just consuming energy – you’re creating it! Solar energy also allows you to:

  • Save money on your electric bill – depending on the size of your home and the system you choose to install, you can save an average of 50% of your electric bill or eliminate it completely.
  • Increase your home’s value – Studies performed by the Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory have shown that adding a solar system increases a home’s resale value by an average of $5.50 per watt and depending on location, can be as high as $6.40/watt. Studies have also shown that homes with solar also sell 15% faster than homes without solar.
  • Decrease your carbon footprint – The average American household generates 7.4 tons of carbon dioxide per year through electrical use. Carbon dioxide has been proven to cause global warming, which is wreaking havoc on our Earth—causing glaciers to melt, shorelines to erode and animals to be endangered.

S-Tek Greenline uses only the best products and are proud partners with SolarWorld solar systems. All solar components are proudly MADE IN THE USA.



Sunny Says, “Way to Go Clemson!”

Sunny our S-Tek mascot got all dressed up for the big game and has been proudly showing off her Clemson colors all week! While we know our clients have varied tastes in what collegiate colors they wear come game day, we wanted to congratulate our local Tigers on their recent win – way to go Clemson Tigers!

Way to Go Clemson!

S-Tek’s Sunny Through the Storms

You’ve heard the saying, “sink or swim” right? Well, in light of our recent weather (and the obvious challenges of working outside between the drops), we at S-Tek are choosing to swim through this wet weather and make the best of our soggy conditions – though we admit it is extremely challenging.

With over 60” of rainfall this year alone (and more projected to fall), it’s safe to say we have all seen our fair share of that condensed moisture frequently falling out of our atmosphere we affectionately refer to as rain. It has poured, showered, stormed, sprinkled, soak and saturated not only our grounds but our spirit as well.

So how have we kept ourselves motivated while waiting for the gray skies to clear up? Meet Sunny, our S-Tek mascot and proud protector of client contracts. Sunny arrived a few months ago and can often be spotted around our office motivating our sales team and adding an unexpected touch of humor to our showroom. Come on, who else has a guard duck in their showroom?

S-Tek’s Sunny through the Storms

Trust us, we all want the rain to ease up and Sunny’s wardrobe today proves that even a duck can get water logged. You know it has to be extreme when a duck is wearing rain gear!

So, if you’re looking to brighten your mood we invite you to visit our showroom at 820 A By Pass 123 in Seneca and get your photo taken with Sunny. Just please whatever you do…don’t feed the duck!

Need a Roof Tune Up?

Have you noticed any pesky leaks, damaged pipe boots on your roof or suspicious shingles that may be causing damage to your home?  If you answered yes then you could be in need of a complete Roof Tune Up from S-Tek Building Solutions! Our team of roofing specialists will investigate any leaks, replace up to 3 pipe boots and finally reseal up to 10 shingles for one low fee. Give us a call today for more details at 864-888-1620 and ask for our roofing department.

Need a Roof Tune Up?

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