Residential Grid Tie/Off Grid Microhydro Electric Project

Wonder what S-Tek Greenline has been doing? We’ve been hard at work on our local residential microhydro electric project! To keep everyone in the loop we wanted to share a bit of the process and would love to discuss ways our newest green energy division can help you reduce your power consumption. Here’s an in-depth look at materials, scope of work, and wireframe project renders.

Scope of Work 

  • Phase 1: Acquire forestry permission for generator house placement, apply for project permit, apply for net metering interconnection (BREC), excavating for penstock construction, generator house construction, generator placement.
  • Phase 2: Wiring from the generator to the house utilizing 1700’ (2 strings) 1/0 copper wire transmitting DC, purchase and mounting all components and battery box construction. 
  • Phase 3: Interconnection of all components, grid interconnection (net meter), wiring and battery setup, system checks for wiring and water source preparations.

The sketch details how we are using the elevation from the lakeside to power the generators. Water movement hits the turgo wheel causing the generator to rotate. Rotation of the generator = POWER!