S-Tek’s Sunny Through the Storms

You’ve heard the saying, “sink or swim” right? Well, in light of our recent weather (and the obvious challenges of working outside between the drops), we at S-Tek are choosing to swim through this wet weather and make the best of our soggy conditions – though we admit it is extremely challenging.

With over 60” of rainfall this year alone (and more projected to fall), it’s safe to say we have all seen our fair share of that condensed moisture frequently falling out of our atmosphere we affectionately refer to as rain. It has poured, showered, stormed, sprinkled, soak and saturated not only our grounds but our spirit as well.

So how have we kept ourselves motivated while waiting for the gray skies to clear up? Meet Sunny, our S-Tek mascot and proud protector of client contracts. Sunny arrived a few months ago and can often be spotted around our office motivating our sales team and adding an unexpected touch of humor to our showroom. Come on, who else has a guard duck in their showroom?

S-Tek’s Sunny through the Storms

Trust us, we all want the rain to ease up and Sunny’s wardrobe today proves that even a duck can get water logged. You know it has to be extreme when a duck is wearing rain gear!

So, if you’re looking to brighten your mood we invite you to visit our showroom at 820 A By Pass 123 in Seneca and get your photo taken with Sunny. Just please whatever you do…don’t feed the duck!