Attention Local Contractors

We are able to supply local contractors with aluminum components, as listed below. We’d love to discuss the options with you. If you’re a local conctractor, join us Sept 25th at 6:00, one week from today! We’ll have soups and cornbread for you to enjoy.


NatureScape Sunroom Manufacturing

We are NatureScape sunroom fabricators! S-Tek takes pride in the years of experience we’ve had in the construction and sunroom businesses. We believe this gives us a GREAT advantage as fabricators in providing a proven, quality NatureScape product. If you’re interested in becoming a certified sunroom dealer, visit our dealer website. We’d love to have you as part of our team, with us you’ll be able to offer the very best custom sunrooms in the industry!

NatureScape All Season Sunroom

It’s summertime, this means temps are rising!

While our Eze-Breeze 4-Track rooms are very popular in the spring and fall seasons to guard a space from pollen yet allow maximum ventilation, our NatureScape All-Season room is an especially big hit during the summertime heat and winter frosts.

All-Season rooms are energy efficient and can be heated and cooled to maximize comfort – keeping pollen out, and temps comfortable year around. A custom All-Season sunroom is great way to add extra room and value to your home!

This NatureScape 3″ All Season room, with side sliders, fit like a glove onto the Steinman’s home. The glass kicks and transoms kept the backyard view open for watching deer and other wildlife roam in the early morning hours.

Please visit our website dedicated to the sunroom division of our company, Sunrooms by S-Tek here

We pride ourselves in the quality sunroom product we offer. S-Tek is the only authorized NatureScape sunroom fabricator in our area and we are dedicated to providing you with an outstanding product. Our years of experience as a builder and sunroom retail space gives us great advantages as we fabricate the best sunrooms with a proven product, NatureScape. Dealer opportunities available, click here. Contact us for a free sunroom estimate! 864-888-1620


New Home Construction

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth at the 2012 Senior Expo held at Shaver Complex. It was a pleasure meeting new potential customers as well as seeing several of our previous customers. It was a GREAT homeshow and we were proud to be a part of it.

We would also like to announce the winners of our $20.00 Lowe’s give-a-way certificates. Our 2 winners were Lisa Matusch of Seneca and Bessie Capps of Walhalla. We appreciate you stopping by our booth and hope you enjoy spending your gifts.

Now to show you what we’re all about…… There’s no greater satisfaction than to take a piece of land, a set of plans and a person’s dreams along with a set of skills and knowledge and watch that plan transpire into a reality. Building a dream is more than building a structure. It’s building a home for good times, families and memories.


S-Tek New Home Construction










From time to time, during our family gatherings, our children will share about growing up in our home . We’ve talked about their rooms, sleepovers, animals being born under the barn, playing in the creek with friends, and neighbors who made an impact on all of our lives. So, that structure you may be considering is more than lumber and wire….it’s a dwelling for all the important things life is made of.

Renovations and Remodels

The new interest of homeowners is not to sell and buy, but to update and improve what they currently own. S-Tek had the opportunity to work with a previous customer to give their home new life. This home received a new skin of Nichiha Shake siding highlighted with a touch of rock work and a new architectural shingled roof. Needless to say the customer was very, very satisfied with the new look and the house was definately beaming with style.

























Completed job!                                                                             

Beautiful home!

A satisfied homeowner!