Leaves are NOT Meant for Gutters!

Now that the leaves have fallen off the trees have you noticed them peeking out of your gutters? Leaves in gutters cause clogs which force water to back up. The backed up water can  saturate your fascia board and trap moisture that over time can cause rot, mold and mildew.

Protect your home, family and your investment with LeafSlugger Gutter Protection System installed by S-Tek!

LeafSlugger Gutter Protection System Prevents: Wood Rot, Mildew, Erosion, Ice Damage & Costly Repairs to your home! LeafSlugger’s water shedding management system is more than convenient…it’s protection for you, your family and your home!

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LeafSlugger installed by S-Tek

LeafSlugger installed by S-Tek

LeafSlugger Features:

  1. Speed Channel Hood System: The Patented Speed Bracket System is manufactured from thick .027 Aluminum and is compatible with 5″ or 6″ gutters . The Speed Bracket secures the Speed Channel Hood which strengthens your gutter against wind, ice, snow – anything that creates a load.
  2. Hurricane Nose: The Hurricane Nose implements the scientific principle of liquid adhesion. Water is directed into your gutters and the unwanted leaves, debris, birds, small animals and pests are kept out!
  3. Colors: Available in 12 colors to match your home
  4. Design: Designed to go over existing gutters and become an extension of your home.
  5. Benefits: LeafSlugger saves you time and money over the life of your home and reduces the need for you to ever clean your gutters again!

No Clogs…No Worries…Guaranteed! Give S-Tek a call today at 864-888-1620 and get your LeafSlugger Gutter Protection System today!