New Sunroom & Railing Project

We would like to share our latest ongoing sunroom and cable rail project. The renovation project consisted of replacing the entire deck railing above the enclosure with our latest product, S-Tek Rail. The clean lines of the cable railing offer an unobstructed view of the homeowners natural surroundings, making the rail become one with nature! In addition to the railing the we increased the usability of the screened room by updating it to a new three season Eze-Breeze sunroom. Scroll down to see before and after photo of project.

We’re excited to show the completed views from the inside out as well as the stair rail – photos coming soon!

Vertical 4 Track Sunroom Collage by S-Tek

Vertical 4 Track Sunroom Collage by S-Tek

The before and after (seen below) shows the existing screened enclosure with deck above and an outside shot of the finished sunroom.

Vertical 4 Track Sunroom Before & After by S-Tek

Vertical 4 Track Sunroom Before & After by S-Tek – Three Season Sunroom



Sunny “Helps” Build New S-Tek Rail…

If you haven’t had the privileged to meet Sunny our S-Tek mascot, we invite you to visit our showroom at 820 A By Pass 123 in Seneca. You can also keep up with Sunny here on our site – she’s always making people smile!

In preparation for Christmas, Sunny has traded her Clemson orange for a  festive red, white and green Santa hat. She closely watches the office  (secretively hoping more clients bring in goodies in for her to sample)!

Recently Sunny tried to help the crew build our NEW railing but as you can clearly see, she ended up completely tangled in stainless steel cable. Sunny learned a valuable lesson…it’s best to leave the install to the professionals!

Sunny tries to help install NEW S-Tek Rail

Sunny tries to help install NEW S-Tek Rail

Watch Video Here 

For more information on how you can maximize the visibility and obtain unobstructed views with S-Tek Rail, give us a call at 864-888-1620.

Introducing S-Tek Rail

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S-Tek Rail

S-Tek Rail replaces traditional picket constructed railing and offers a sleek, modern approach to maximize views. Clean lines, maximum visibility, stainless steel cable and aluminum construction all combine to create a stunning showpiece designed to complement your home and natural surroundings.

S-Tek Rail Features:

  • Stainless Steel Cable
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Allows for Unobstructed Views
  • Provides Maximum Visibility
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Posts Available in Bronze & White

Switch to S-Tek Rail and start enjoying your clearly visible views today!